Prologue Pastries came to exist because we love. We love food, we love to create, we love to read, we love to write. This portion of this endeavor is set to serve as our outlet for communication. We will post musings, anecdotes, thoughts about what we are reading. Mostly, they will have to do with baking or food. If I (Jonathan) am the author, chances are pretty high the words will ramble into thoughts about beauty and other such nonsense. Maura will talk about Harry Potter, and probably puppies, and then say something really smart and you'll all be like "wait a minute, you were just talking about being Sorted incorrectly where did this come from go back to Hogwarts talk." 

We will try our darnedest to write something, anything, at least once a week. So follow us and get deep into our minds.

Oh, also, recipes maybe here?